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  • Getting Started
    new icon Your application will be automatically saved each time you click the “Save and Continue” button. If you need to stop your application before submitting it, you should record the Transaction number displayed on the top right-hand corner. You will need this Transaction number to continue your application at a later date.
    After completing this form, submit the necessary documents to your application centre where your biometrics would be taken. Print your confirmation which would be submitted in addition to your documents. You are not required to print the application summary. For further instructions click here.
    new icon Apply for your Liberia ECOWAS passport here if you have not previously started any application using this online service. Double entries will not be processed or may even be subjected to legal prosecution. If you have a transaction number, use the second option.
    Begin new application
    Step 1) Select your application centre and change passport type if not ordinary
    Step 2) Choose your security question
    Step 3) Which passport are you applying for?

    new icon Enter your transaction number to retrieve your uncompleted application.If you cannot remember your transaction number,provide the specific details below. You will be prompted to answer a security question.
    Complete an existing application
    Step 1) Enter your transaction number
    Or Provide specific details
    Date Of Birth